Microsoft DreamSpace ByteSize is here to help develop students' computational thinking skills through discussion, hands-on activities and simple coding while also achieving specific cross-curriculum objectives.

These lessons were developed to be short-form and not require extensive preparation regarding resources as you will find everything you need in the accompanying guides and worksheets.

Join the Microsoft DreamSpace team to learn about lots of cool things and take part in fun activities from making origami, to collecting natural materials to coding a micro:bit to help us exercise.

All six episodes are live now and you can find them all here!

Episode One: Origami and Code

Episode Two: Keys and Natural Materials

Episode Three: Pixels and Shapes

Episode Four: Algorithms and Stories

Episode Five: Coding and All About Me

Episode Six: Animation and Exercise

Click here to download the complete #MSDreamSpace ByteSize handbook!

AND click here for the full series of #MSDreamSpace TV for Primary Schools!

Who are these lessons for?

These lessons are designed by Microsoft Ireland for younger primary school students, using the 1st and 2nd class curriculums as a reference, with a strong focus on STE(A)M education.

This is an introduction to both computational thinking skills and block-based coding and is recommended for complete beginners.

How do we take part?

Each lesson will start by watching an episode of #MSDreamSpace ByteSize that will introduce a new skill, concept or idea and an activity that we can use to explore it. These episodes are meant to be engaged with and will give time for classroom discussion as we move through the episode.

Each lesson will be linked to the Irish Primary Curriculum and will include teacher guides and various student worksheets to be completed.