All aboard the Spaceship Curiosity for some science experiments, learning and loads of fun! Join Captain Zoom and her crew of two human scientists, Amy and Mark, as they try to answer her questions with the help of some kids.

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Made with support from Science Foundation Ireland, the shows are all available now on RTÉ Player and teachers can download lesson plans and see the individual experiments via the links below.

These experiments all need ADULT SUPERVISION!!

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Make a parachute for an egg!

How to build a mini wind turbine

Check out this fizzy experiment!

Here's a trick of the light!

Have fun with foam!

Learn all about the wheel!

Have you ever wondered how water works?

Do you know how mountains are made?

Candles need oxygen too!

Let's build a super-strong sand castle!

Learn how to make snow crystals!

Get into the SWING of things!

Some liquids are thicker than others

Build your own toothpick tower!

Let's make a bouncy ball!

How do lifts and pulleys work?

The science behind explosive reactions

Keep cool everyone. We are making ice!

Make some fun flying snakes!