Dizzy Deliveries is the first TV show to use the key word signing system Lámh.

Lámh is used by children and adults with an intellectual disability, who also need support with their communication.

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Meet Joe, the delivery man with magical powers. Ozzy, the flying robot who works with Joe and helps him make his deliveries and Aisling. She is the boss of the Dizzy Deliveries and she helps the gang with their Lámh signs every day.

The show has proven itself massively popular within schools where some pupils may have issues communicating. It is an ideal real-world example for Junior and Senior Infants SPHE.

Dizzy Deliveries helps with the practicalities of communicating with all the class, as well as promoting the ideas of inclusion.

It promotes children's self-awareness and understanding by helping them recognise and appreciate individual abilities of others around them.

Aisling will help everyone at home to learn 3 key Lámh signs in a really fun way and she wants everyone to join in at school and at home too!

There are YouTube extras where all the class can learn Lámh signs - just click here!