For Science Week 2022 RTÉ Kids have formulated five cool films on five different topics - Claaaaass Science! We kick off with Hair!! Here, Reabetswe Zwane (Rea) looks at how string our hair really is.

And we out an old fairytale to the test. Rea asks, could Rapunzel's hair really have been strong enough for a Prince to climb up?

And here's another question for you - why do we have hair in the first place?! Watch the show now and check out the other YouTube specials all week on the RTÉ Kids channel!

You can see more episodes of Claaaass Science here!

Reabetswe Zwane

Rea came to Ireland from South Africa to study for a PhD in at Dublin City University. She does research in Computational Chemistry. Her current project is concerned with understanding the mechanical properties of pharmaceutical solid forms.

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