The EIRSAT-1 Team at University College Dublin (UCD) is getting ready for its upcoming exciting mission to launch Ireland's first satellite.

And you can join them on this journey in a new comic book - EIRSAT-1: Ireland's First Steps into Space.

You can download it here now!

This story follows the adventures of Cylana and Cryo, a pair of robots from the year 3000 on a visit to UCD. Here they will learn all about a very special CubeSat and the team that will make it fly!

The creative team included Writer and Producer Adam Breen, Artist and Letterer Helen Robinson, and Editor Dr. Sharon Shannon alongside a team of scientists working with UCD, the European Space Agency, Science Foundation Ireland and other funders.

EIRSAT-1 will blast off the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California where it will be sent into orbit on Friday, 1 December 2023. The departure of the satellite from Irish shores this month ahead of its journey into orbit is a massive moment for the entire team!

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