In Space Camp Challenge, we are boldly going where no Irish teens have gone before - NASA's Marshall Space Flight Centre in Rocket City, Alabama!!

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In the cool new show, 8 cadets take on some real-life astronaut training. Watch the intro to the show up top to get a glimpse of the amazing NASA Centre!

Before they flew off they got to learn more about space exploration, as these six films show.

First up, A.J. travels to the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne to meet Aidan Cowley, who is researching ways for people to live and work on the moon.

Conor travels to the European Space Agency in the Netherlands to meet Irish Scientist Laura Hayes, who is working on the solar orbiter, a satellite designed to study the sun.

Asia from Space Camp Challenge goes to UCD to meet Aoife Murphy, a masters student who is working on EIRSAT-1, Ireland's first satellite.

Fintan heads to TUS in Athlone to meet Dr Kiera Ward, a sports scientist and physiologist working on the physical effects of traveling to Mars.

Jack heads to Réaltra, a space engineering company in Dublin, to meet Niamh McDermott, who helped build the camera that travelled to Space with the James Webb Space Telescope.

Sinéad travels to Réaltra, a space engineering company in Dublin, to meet John E Ward, an astrophysicist hunting for new planets.

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